19 Jan 2014

complains on the cherating clubmed resort career vacancy

im just writing here to share my experienced and show my anger towards the career department in clubmed cherating resort!

I applied twice online for the job position for kids club coordinator. I am sure my application goes into the department, because i emailed twice to confirm whether they received my resume and application.
I was eagerly look into my application because my friend did her internship there, shared many experience and stories to me. Additionally, I am interested working in early childhood/ kids field. Besides, I am working and studying in the same field that I applied.

However, after I send in my application, there's no reply, I am too confident perhaps!
I checked my email everyweek, but till now, there's no reply from them.

guess what, just an hour ago, I applied for few jobs in several hotel, and I try looking this resort,
I saw a blog talking about his experience on this job which is the same position that I applied for. Unbelievably, he's a fresh graduate from secondary school without experienced and certificate on this field, he got in easily! but, i did not accepted for this job after i applied several times. so pissed!

please explain to me why if you're the manager of CLUBMED CHERATING RESORT!!!!

13 Jan 2014

Last semester

Friend did ask me why I did not update here.
I did not squeeze out time to write something because I was working like busy ass earning money for paris trip (I wanna update with paris trip) I have lotsa pictures to share about! Kinda memorable but not so real trip, its like dreamt myself seeing eiffel tower and the princess tower in disneyland watching nightine finale and celebrates fantasy and sososo illusion xmas in xmas! im currently fighting for my ever last assignment and last piece of paper while working!

How sad that they cut off my working time after I booked my airticket home! How am I gonna survive wih limited expenses. I mean I have enough expenses but its not like what I planned last year! I need lots more for me to survive when im back to malaysia. Wadafuq, i suffered, thought of many ways to work hard, how am I gonna earn and spend it in malaysia. Im spending like water here, when im back without any job that gives me such high salary,  u know lah gbp vs rm. How to compare. I geegeedotcom this time.

Besides, my colleagues are teasing because of my life I had, I mean the loves life. Completely teasing! Tease that im naive and had not in relationship once. What the hell wrong with someone with no experience.  Because im after 20th? Wadafuq Im not shy sharing here! Because its not my wrong right, I did not write it on my face that im dont want any relationship,  its just that I dont know why also lah. Annoying pissed! Im also desperate with no reason, when my own sister even have her bf with her now.

Luckily im not home for cny, else I have to dig a hole when those 36aunties ask.

7 Nov 2013

method to apply lace double eyelid tape

As i promised in the previous post, I'll write about how to use the lace double eyelid tape.
If you haven't read about it yet, there you go ---> lace double eyelid tape

On the previous post, i mentioned i used different types of double eyelid tape and glue to try on my eyelid, and non of it helps to flip out the double eyelid effect, until i found this tape from taiwan and hk.
For me it's a huge difference, it's like a different person. Before going home for summer break, i did not put false lashes for double eyelid effect everyday; but after i got this, everyday i put them on even i go to uni, so when i came back to uk, im walking on the streets, few of them cant even recognise was me, and im smiling to them like an idiot. *damnawkward* and their replies were, u look so different now, did you do something on your hair and eyes.

haha, so if you want to see how i have those differences, just continue roll down and read! =.=

Before that, I'll show (on my left) my single eyelid eyes with make up
                                (on my right) my double eyelid eyes with lace tape and make up


peel a piece of the tape, either using tweezer or just simply use your finger to peel it off

 *im so sorry i dont know why the picture came out so blue and i dint realise*
This is one of the way of applying the glue(glue that come with the lace tape/ falsies glue).
Left: Place one of the tape on the back of the plastic paper, and just apply the glue on top of the tape, make sure whole piece of tape is coated with the glue. *becareful if u're using the glue provided, because it's super sticky, so if the paper flew away, and u're gonna have a big mess around*

Right: place one of the tape on the back of your hand, just coat the glue on top of the tape, that's all, but i dont recommend using this method, because your back of the hand will be super sticky and u have problem with wiping it off nor washing. u need a remove it with remover. so it will be messy as well, so i recommend the one placing on the plastic itself.
Then, just place the coated piece of lace tape on your lid follow as the red line drawn on the picture. Dont ask me whether it should be near the eyelash or far from it, i dont know lah, everyone have different eyelid and the different effect they want what. 

for me, i have lots of extra meats/fats on my lid, i place them as close to my lids, for people that dont have much fats as me, i believe, they can easily create a double eyelid and different level as they want, you can create a higher double eyelid by pasting it at a higher curve. 

remember, please try try try and practice practice practice, then you will know which curve suits you and which level will create the double eyelid you want. 

one of the benefit of this tape is when you doesnt like the curve came out, you can peel it off and paste it again. 
but, please keep in mind, not to retry more than twice, else your eyelid will swollen, sticky and messy, it will come out with your lashes sticking with your lids. 

After pasting on your lids, slightly open your eyes, and check whether is that the double eyelid curve you want. As I said, you can tear and place it again, but not too many times.

 When you are satisfied with that, allow it to dry for 1-2 minutes and you're done!

 If you're applying eyes make up(eyeline and eyeshadow), please do it before you put on the lace double eyelid tape, because
A) it will be more difficult to apply after you have the lace type tape on your lids, the colour will not stay on your lids
B) it will turn out coocky and there's shape of net, NOT NATURAL

There are few types of double eyelid i created. Just do it yourself and snap photos of your double eyelid! I love it and did not stop using after 4mths purchasing! 

29 Oct 2013

3rd person between couples

i just don't know why friends with boyfriend sometimes just close with me, 
they are just trying to treat me a sister like their girlfriend do, 
they are just trying to tell someone close to her girlfriend from some frustrating stories they doesnt feel good, 
they are just trying to find someone that listen to them but do not want to let their girlfriend to know about it,
they are just trying to find someone to help them to solve the problem and sort it out because friends are more easier to approach and talk with compare to boyfriend!

so, i just dont understand why, girlfriend would get jealous and do not believe their friends instead,
i know, its girl natural instinct to get jealous of, especially with their friends beside them,
i know, its easier to be acceptable reason, because friends beside them always be the third person at the end of their relationships, AND THIS IS ALL FROM TV DRAMAS! i always blame to tv dramas, because it's hardly appearing from real lift,
i know, its very BITCHY if there is.
i know, because SHE is single!!!!!! but, if you know her well, she wouldnt being so bitchy, cheap and low standard because of both of you.

it's so annoying and bad feel afterall, trying to help the relationship of a couple,
in the end, the girlfriend blaming the cause of breaking off, because of she helping out??

ikr(i know right!) boys always use the advantage of single woman especially the friend of his girlfriend,
i tried few times(more than three times), because im the only single friends that close to them, what a stupid scene!!! i can say, stupid/annoying!
boys always praise how good the girl is infront of their gf(girlfriend),
boys always confess to his gf about the girl is the ideal type of girlfriend to him.. lalallalalalalallalalala
but huh why, i had this type of feeling so many times, still SINGLE> WTF!!!

i hate being blame! and from my best friends beside me. really strange feeling! anyone telling me how the eff, is this going to be in the future,
im meeting them and i feel so shy, and always thinking about it, im taking off those stupid hell talkings, instead of talking much in the group.

that's why, i always stay far from girls with boyfriend. i dont want this happens to me again and again,
i think im born to that kind of situation.

so ladies, if you know your friend well, believe in them, and remember,
not all boyfriend is flirty kay! must always believe all mens if you do!

so mens, after reading this, please...... know what's the maximum limitations you can do to your gf's friend,
mens, stop telling your gf, that how good her friend was,
NEVER tell your gf, the ideal type of yours, especially someone she knows! she'll remember it like forever!
and most important, never fall in love with someone she knows! *okay you know about this!*

30 Sep 2013

SINGLE EYELID -> DOUBLE EYELID SECRET (lace double eyelid tape)

Yeah! Im so proud of this post definitely! its like finally i dont need to go out so fugly with me single eyelid, and I dont need to stick on my falsies(fake lashes) on my eyelid to push it up as double eyelid(another best way to have double eyelid)

I saw this last year on net people from hongkong and taiwan using this new tape made of lace. Until I saw malaysia webstore is selling this magic tape, without thinking, I bought this! At my first glance, I thought it was the plastic as the base and lace on top. Surprisingly, it is only a thin lace, it's like whole piece of lace from your clothes, but this is pre cut, that's why it's so convenient I used it everyday. If you are more to saving your pocket money, you can search for cheap lace from boutique shop selling whole piece of lace, cut it yourself with mini scissors, no a problem I said. For inner double eyelid peoples, they can use also if they are not satisfied on their double eyelid. Of course, If you think that the radian of precut lace is too big, DIY yourself using mini scissors. 

In a packet of 120pairs, with a small bottle of glue. You can use your own falsies glue, but i would recommend their own glue.

If you read my previous post before, im sure you know my single eyelid girl, the ugly type. then after reading, you gonna right, WOW, this is magic. look at my double eyelid! This definitely can rescue all single eyelid girls/boys. I know in the market, there are few types of double eyelid glue and tape. They doesnt really useful for me, until i used falsies then discover this magic tape. but im still keep trying and trying on different place on my lid to have the double eyelid, i'll say why im not satisfied yet :((

1. after sticking it on your lid, it will dissapear and turn transparent immediately
(I'm not saying you cannot see it with your bare eyes infront of the mirror, but at least taking photo or people talking to you with 10m distance, they couldnt realise. Unless you close your eyes and she/he staring on your eyes, of course they can see larh!)

2. After sticking on your lid, if you think you doesnt how it comes out, you want it to be more exaggerate, peel it off, stick it higher, then you will get what your want!

1. I really hate the picture below, because I can see those small small white powder on my face(people call it acne i dont know why)Because I am still rushing for my dissertation. Back to the topic,
After awhile using this, I bottom part of the lace, the straight part i mean, always came off and make my whole double eyelid look extremely ugly and fake. And it will turn poking your lashes, so uncomfortable. And so, I put a thin layer of glue on top of the lace. But, the stupid thing is, you have to close your eyes and let it dry for more than 5 minutes, because this is more difficult to dry compare to other brand falsies glue as I mensioned above, you can use falsies glue instead of using glue provided. If you did not let it dries and you open your eyes, everything! lashes! and your skin! and even your eyeliner gonna mess up and stick together on your lids. stupid enuff!

 2. it has awful smell *donteverputyournosenearthebottle!*
I can only say that this glue is supersuperglue, the ever stickier glue ever use on my face. Sometimes, IM so pissed off with this glue! It will stick on your fingers and hand and everywhere it touches with the glue. So better becareful when u're using, better close it after used, else.... I dont know how are you gonna clean the mess up. Let me tell you, the glue is difficult to clean with water neither wei tissues. Usually I use make up remover for eyes to clean it off. 

3. OYA! keep in mind, if you are sensitive with this glue!
(what do you mean sensitive with the glue?)
-Try a dot on your eyelid before first using
-If it's painful, pockkypoccky on your lids, immediately cleanoff 
-Sometimes when Im trying to peel and stick it on my lid for more than 3times,  

4. After using it for months, my eyelid became not tight, i dont know whether to use "drooping". I paste the tape on the place where I normally paste it, it doesnt come out with perfect radian of double eyelid. And I tried to use twice of the tape on my lid, it came out with my perfect double eyelid again, but it is wasting of the tape isnt it, and so, now I am trying test on different level on my lid, turn out my eyelid became a mess. Sometimes, both eyelid have different size, either the left one bigger or the small one bigger. I REALLY HATE THIS I HAVE TO SAY! I am still practicing lar, so, let;s see how it goes, else im using twice of them until i finished using all of them, then trying other solution. 

If you want to know how to use this, stay tuned on my post. I am going back to my dissertation, ta-daa!

Leave me a comment If you want to know where to get it from Malaysia and UK perhaps!

16 Sep 2013

crush on a gay?

what if you find out your crush a year ago is a gay! and you find it out yourself..
what to do!?

what if he shows you the partner photo, and share their happy times story to you,
what to do!?

how do you response?

Do naturally like a friend? to maintain your friendzone relationship

Wait or not to Wait? to give you and him time
wait: to realise who treats him better and who he loves more
not to wait: to accept the truth, give up and wait for another crush

for a person that hardly get crush, she could rather not to wait and just stay single and work hard for life

what if, he treats you like a girlfriend, hug you and do everything to you like a gentleman!

tell me what to do, give me suggestions please!!!

4 Sep 2013

21st bday PART 1

this gonna be my whole birthday post for part1! because it's my 21st birthday! and in malaysia! im so glad that i can celebrate my 21st bday at home. i say this because most of my mates in uk could only celebrate with the gangs in uk without their fam and bff from msia. it's abit sad, but they can never never forget their only bday in uk. it's special either! my bday seems special because i had my party at home as a bbq party, im so surprised because i dint mentioned it's my birthday party, but they all come with expensive luxurious present. i know right! 

A week before hand, we celebrated our august babies birthday at padi house, sri petaling.i thought mae-li brought me present like funky costumes! like hello kitty costume, LOL! *she definitely laugh at this when she reads this* surprisingly, she bought me thomas sabo chain. and told me she thought of buying the swarosky hello kitty pen for me long ago, but it's out of stock at every outlet in msia. she was so sad i can feel it. haha! okay! this was my only key *chinese believes that adults at their 21st bday must have one key chain. but my fam dont cares lah. haha! this girl go and get me luckily and im wearing it everyday! makes me more stress what to get her on her 21st! shit laaa.

we play and shout like giler in padi house, taking photos and videos like no one cares. so funny! i dont dare to share out here seriously. 

however, me and my sis relationship getting further and further, but i knw it's a hard time for her laa, and secretly telling, SHE:S IN A RELATIONSHIP! and i agreed! because there's no reason to stop them lo.. why not! but i just couldnt take it when she changed 180 i should say. not like talk to me more than 10 sentences a day, i SO fckin serious. one sentence she can yell at me every day " go away!" "getout!" "close the door!" "shadup!" okay no more. that's what i heard everyday when i open her door and sit beside her" i can just wish her all the best in your final exam, when im not around. i wish i could stay beside her, and at least burn the midnight oil with her because i pass through those days studying alone in the study room, its lonely and helpless sometimes. and felt sleepy at the same time.

i promise i'll work and earn your bday present and bring it back to u next year hopefully this year before xmas!

leong mae-li! the person that couldnt miss to kacau me everyday. msg me everyday! will never never miss! at least one msg a day. that's kinda sweet! at least she treats me as one of the important person in her life, she tells me everything, she share with me everything, and she's my best make-up guru. sometimes, she;s too straightforward telling me the truth. but in a good way. that's what i love about her. she'll never failed to dissapoint me! she's smart, pretty and strong girl! hopefully she gets her partner before her 21st. everything goes well throughout the year, i know i couldnt spend and celebrate your bday with u this year! and your bff also not around with you, and u're so upset about it, but no worries, im always at skype and everywhere. i can spend ur bday with u 24hrs one on webcam. and you better stay at home and wait for your present. please post and say i love carmen!

leong mae-chel! the korean fans girl! i always make fun of her,. but seriously, doubtfully! among all of them, only you will spend time fooling around and play with me. for me, u're a strong girl and matured than your sis! i wish, you could do things u wanted to do, but do it mindfully laaa. dont play all the time also, sometimes, plan things well, it could ease all of your plans. no more dy, i love you muimui! your present leh, i get u from uk, i send back together with jiejie's

this thing cannot edit photo, and im lazy to edit from another software and upload it again. i received this a day before my bday. and i know it's either suxin or wanwhee without guessing. after i opened and i saw ellokitty, im like! ok confirm suxin! she's veryveryvery sweet and considerate girl! she always think of others, and looks emo all the way, sometimes overly crazy! qisin! and always dont eat her meal, cause herself to have gastric and sour stomach. thats bad, i know lah, too excited for events, but ah, at least few thigns into the tummy, suxin, no next time! hope u can do whatever u want to do and dont think of others. go study abroad in taiwan lah! that's what u wanna do i know! dont need to ask for opinion dy, because after u ask, it's 2014(21st).. by the time u enrolled, 2015 liao loh, after graduate, 26th dy. come out, dont have working opportunity dy, because too old in the field. you know the field u're interested in have to be young and crazy. so dont think too much. just go!!!!!!!! jiayou!

 on my bday itself, i received another bday letter, without guessing again! i knew is penang gangs! they are so sweet! everyyear without failed, these girls and suxin( i think jieying also if im not wrong, that girl lost), all of them always remember my bday and i donknow why, and without fail la, sending me bday card every year! i kept them anyway! so memorable whenever i took out. they are so special and matured ladies, but smtme have to becareful of surroundings when u guys hangout ah, that's what i realised. kay wish all of u have a great time in colleges and universities! all the best! i'll make sure myself to meet u guys in penang next year!

my bunch of kakis, and bbq night party gonna updte on the next post. im tiring of typing and thinking how the stories should goes dy. ciao!